Friday, April 16, 2010

thirty: Project FanArt 4 -- Cinderella

The third portrait of Marina-B's doll. Now it's Cinderella's turn.

second: Venetian
first: Emerald

The original doll can be viewed here. This doll is so gorgeous! The costume!! Come on, it's ridiculously marvelous!! It's so beyond what I am able to imagine...Apart from this different version of Cinderella's costume, I am also amazed by her own version of Alice's too. Am very envious of that imagination and creativity.

Honestly, this sketch is a true expression of who am I...urgh! I am too lazy to get the details perfect. And to make matters worse, time seems extra short these days. :( I am hurrying myself up before I lost my interest in finishing this part of the project. *sigh*


Blood Seeker said...

I am so jealous of your skills, Waz.

It's so coool!

- sicherheitpolizei

waz said...

huhu its nothing..but thank u for ur kind words :D