Saturday, September 25, 2010

thirty nine: woman in scarf

salam n hi, all.

It feels great to be back on. It'll be a challenge to stay high-spirited like this. Dengan ilham yang dikurniakan-Nya, memang bersyukur dapat buat benda-benda yang membuatkan aku merasa 'hidup' kembali. I am totally blessed with everything that I have at the moment, and I will try my best to appreciate all of them.

Mean while; this is something that I draw for my mom since she's the best fan I have...hehehehe it's a drawing inspired by henna stains; I'm totally using it for my wedding one day..heheh
CLICK here to view the rest of the drawing.

Thank YOU God.


-LySa- said...

hi waznah, how r u doing there?
love this, very creative and talented :).
take care hun

waz said...

hi lisa... im fine thank u, dear :) hope ure fine n awesome at school heheh mashaAllah. All praises to God. take care too :)

kaoru said...

salam ze'..aku suka tgk ko pny lukisan..cantik...keep on rockin'...hehe

waz said...

heheh u rock too!! suma puji bg Dia. terima kasih kouruu :)

Ida said...

You are gifted! I'm a fan too :)

waz said...

wuu wuuu ida...thank u soo much..btw, that is one cool photoID.