Saturday, February 5, 2011

ninety nine: mengukur baju di badan sendiri

if i had to wait till my next piece, this blog will b full of dust. better i update a bit on some stuffs going on.
for two days now sandakan is completely dry. Been raining for weeks. It's nice to see the morning brought rays of sunlight yesterday morning n this morning.

my felt fabrics; will add more colours and more stocks this week--inside heatwave shoe box. i really like heatwave shoes. i recommend it.

a WIP. currently working on an accidental commission. hehe. 22 pieces of minimomos. Thank you udi. I even sew while on the road to KK last week. Hubby got weird about it; but business still business.

currently most hated phrase. made me cry for almost quarter of a day. it's almost similar to "padan muka kau" or "on your face!!" after some body [sort of] take his/her revenge on you. damn

here's a doodle i made on my palm. lesson learned: doodlers; please never forget your paper--especially when you'll know there's 'waiting' activity involved.

"semenjak mula mengurus hal kahwin2 ni, survey2 di internet, baru sedar betapa beratnya pepatah--ukur baju di badan sendiri"


MJ Fauzi said...

love reading this entry waz..idk somehow you make it sound normal almost like routine and daily chores-x) the wedding preparation is giving me a goosebump. How to ukur baju sendiri?? Hehe

waz said...

hihi mj~ entries sebelum ni x normal ka? hihihi well, cara mengukur baju di badan sendiri ialah: menyedari berapa kekurangan duit di poket mahupun di bank; lalu menyedari ketidakmampuan membeli dress kawin ini, veil kawin itu, kasut wedding ini, mahupun mendapatkan pelamin sehebat itu. hehe begitu sy mengukur baju di badan sendiri..hahah
mj, im scared.. :|

Blood Seeker said...

Apa ku rasa nie............

Cute stuff you made

waz said...

"apa ku rasa nie.." apa kah ini,clay?

thank u :D

MJ Fauzi said...

hugs! ! You have my empathy dear.. You are always the strong, lovely gorgeous Waz we know. But don't let them preparations and all burden you and hubby for long run..
Do you need anything from Semenanjung? <3

waz said...

huhu terangkat bakul i, mj hahaha u know the side of me that i liked ppl to see, mj...the real me is so weak, huduh n tak lovely langsung..huhu but yes, i do try not to burden our relationship with the stuffs..only now i know how dangerous wedding preparations can be to couples..haha
youre tooo kind to offer me that!! hihii coz im so short of lots of things (xda kat sandakan) but its ok la hun...xmo susah kan mj
:D :D BIG hypothetical hugs!!

MJ Fauzi said...

Hypothetical glomp <3 !! Really Waz, anything do text me.. I wont be there on your big day which is sad enough ;/. Most importantly, jangan lupa cincin/gelang kahwin! :D

Hope see you sooon! Inshaallah, sooon

Azah Skaliskala said...

hi waz! accidental commission? =P
goodluck for your commissions yea, i'm currently on my practicum. Hectic like u have said before.

uih, hubby? are u married? i dont knoe u are =)

Aku Mau said...

sabar jak la...

waz said...

mj: huhu cincing gelang kawen, tu mak mentua yg urus..hihihi

azah: ohh yesss..veryy hectic. eye-opener jugak..masa tu lah baru sedar betapa useful/not useful the things we learn/fight for in university (opinions about how we should teach and how students should learn blabla) hehe seryes, masa tu baru betul2 sedar betapa besarnya maksud perkataan 'mendidik'

aku mau: hehhee iyaa..sabarrr jak la :>

The Rebel Kid said...

OMG. are u an artist?
cool! :)
blog walking..

waz said...

hi rebelkid
hehe i dont consider myself as an artist (yet) hehe thank u for stopping by

pnnz said...

next time pi kk kasitau bah. ngam2 tu 5 feb aku sama si salina dating di kk.


waz said...

alaaa nurul~~!! aiyak..sedeyh nya klu nda boleh catch up sama kamurang.. :( nda pa la..laen kali ada jodoh, kita lepakking :>