Thursday, October 13, 2011

126: run away

Finally!!! something I am able to finish!!
i know it's not much, but it's a sign that my baby isnt the reason of my 'hiatus'..heheh

baby's now approximately 20 weeks. since july, i went through a bit rough early stage due to my body adapting to pregnancy-hood. I dont exactly know why i am explaining this here, but I am excited to be a mother that still draws. and I hope it will be like that.


FarahMexx said...

Waze aka future mommy, congratulationsssss!

lama tak dgr khabar berita, and now ur pregnant? I'm so happy for youuuu~~~!! hehe you're gonna b one awesome mom. hehe. take care okayyy :)

Muhammad said...



merahitujambu said...


waz said...

farah mex: thank u :D hope so too. nak jadi awesome-est ibu. hehehe lama x dgr khabar org welly juga :>

muhammad n merahitujambu: thank u :D