Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten: "Tuff Cat Myhero" on tee

This is as obvious is a really fat cat. He's my hero. Why? He ate all my nightmares last night. And also all the monsters in the closet and under my bed..He surely is 'tuff'!!

Inspired by a cat named Beethoven which known and loved by many many Marjonians; I'm sure. And also inspired by a man that might love that cat more than he loves his girlfriend; sometimes.

Face close-up.

"Stomach" close-up.

How it'd look like on a 'fake' tee.

How it'd look like on a real tee.

This photo (the artwork) is actually taken by a digital-compact camera. Please excuse the quality. I'll replace this with a proper scanned image; once my scanner arrives. Photo of real white shirt is not mine. Pasted my artwork there using 'paint' only; for a preview. Hehe.

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