Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thirteen: Project FanArt 2--Alice in Wonderland

This is another piece for my personal FanArt Project.

I was working on another portrait of Marina’s Doll [here] when I decided I need a rest from pencils. So I went straight to this Alice piece.

I finished its line art a few weeks ago and put it up along with other sketches in this piece [here].

Now that I have my scanner, I decided to color it! Yey! Thus, the result:

Actually, I got the idea when I thought about wearing a costume of Alice myself (I am a big fan of Alice/Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass). Then I thought—if I’m wearing Alice costume, I’d wish my ‘mister’ can wear the White Rabbit suit! “Follow the white rabbit” alright! heheh

This is my first time coloring using Photoshop. I know it’s really flat. I didn’t make any effort to make shades or shadows of the color. It’s honestly my first step in learning. And as you can see too the background is really awful (it’s empty). I suck with backgrounds.

I’m open to criticism and suggestions on how to better my skills. ;) Please do comment if you have any.

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