Thursday, November 25, 2010

sixty five: invigilating sugarplums and imaginations

It's not holiday for me. SPM. invigilating.
Boredom will be my best-friend until this 20th of December. Yeay. And back-pain also. so this third day I sneak in a pen and an A4 paper folded 3 times and draw this.

It's true. I do. I am starting to hate doodling. Not the drawing part of doodling. But the part where it's aimless. It's just I can't be drawing while standing. I can only doodle.

QUICK! Finish it up!! Before your hand realize how pointless this doodle is!!

Nah. This is just too random that I didnt really think before I doodle. I disagree!

SPM stands for SugarPluM yeaaaa....guys and cats. so what. what's cuter with guys who love cats? nothing.

*past-self whispers*

yea yea..that was years ago. whatever.

Okayh. Maybe I'll continue this later. in the next post


Hanis Manis said...

cats? oh my. better not. :(

waz said...

u mean, better not get together wif guys tht loves cats or, better not get into that at all? hehehe

Blood Seeker said...

I feel the same way too, used to. Hating drawing as your newest work made you feel like "This is so pointless" but I'm worse cause I left the work hanging halfway.

Should learn to enjoy drawing again, soon...

waz said...

i feel u...i sometimes hate it coz its pointless but at the same time i cant stop..its like continue doing what u hate coz u actually love it..urgh..

maybe we need more motivation than simply loving it