Thursday, November 25, 2010

sixty six: invigilating sugarplums and imaginations part two

yeah. here's the rest of the ugleyhh doodle i did while invigilating on the third day

Since I was in high-school, even though I was one of the trouble makers back then, I still believed that EVERYONE needs rules. we can't live rule-less.

That's why I hate this attitude--when, you know, you say "I DONT GIVE A F**K ABOUT ANYTHING" or "Imma DO ANYTHING I WANT" or "HEY THIS IS MMMYYYY LIFE, Imma DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH IT"...come on...grow up...

really..? you think being too-free is awesome? really?...

being fun is okay. just dont be annoying.

Here's a fun-fact. Do you know that boredom is actually caused by your own inability to entertain yourself?

oh, you do know that already? So..why are you--still---OK

SO just stop being bored and do something awesome.

*instead, goes online on facebook and put up a status saying: I'm bored..* ohh maiii....

I cant explain this.

People keep on asking mr. Mousy Mousy?
"why soo seriousss mr. Mousy Mousy?"
...He wasnt. He wasnt 'so serious'..he was just being him...and that's wrong becausee.....? everyone else is awesome except him because he's 'so serious'???

and so he did the wiggly dance. just to conform.


Blood Seeker said...

Haha wiggly dance tu lawak la

You seem to enjoy typography. I like to see that.

waz said...

yea...slama ni aku ada byk idea utk typo..its just that i thot it wasnt the kind of art im into. but now i change my mind. hahaha

im so happy u say its lawak...hahah kenapa tah..i never was a funny :D :D thank u