Sunday, November 14, 2010

sixty two: ilham, datanglah

Try Liz Prince or Alex Noriega or poyo

These people just boost up my comic[er]-wannabe-power. Then I realized, all my life, I had only drawn three comic-strips. two of which I started to dislike (due to the sadness it will remind me of) they are connected to my past love life. argh. but anyways, I'm thankful that 'they' happened--'coz without 'them', I wouldnt dare to attempt making comic strips.

here's the first one
and here's the second one [klik]

and some others here

and here's the result of the vibe from Liz's cartoons

I wish I will draw more comic in the near future.

...oh darn,,, I hope I can manage my time more efficiently... :|


Blood Seeker said...

GIle comel

comics dont need to have many panels. 2 panel pon cukup.

aku tiru style lat. haha minimalist

azreenChan said...

I love Alex Noriega's comic.
He is just plain straight forward.
But meaningful :D

Nice comic :)
Make some more.

waz said...

clay: yep..nanti aku cuba buat yg sikit punya panel :)

azreen: kan kannn sgt straight forward but i so can relate to them