Tuesday, January 4, 2011

nine five: punching walls

I promised myself I wont doodle or anything for this whole week and just concentrate on setting up school n class n teaching & learning-mood..but I did it anyways. On a calculator. A small one. just for the basic calculation. (this was done last Friday, the doodled part was then covered with plastic sticky cover)

I'll get on the commissions as soon as I can. I am the head teacher of Green House for this year's sportsday. I hope I can do my very best. Loads of other things to set up.

ps: i used to punch walls when I'm superduper angry. it was a bad habit. and today; i have to confess, I agree that bad habits die hard.

ps 2: happy 2011. let's start anew


Azah Skaliskala said...

Coolness! I love that :D
Goodluck waz, stay calm and focus. U'll be great as yourself..
pandai2 ja saya nasihat, ni lagi takut nak praktikal bulan 2 ni >.<

waz said...

thank u azah... :D
i'll try to stay calm n focus in the future..sy marah tu pun bukan sbb pelajar; tu yg mengecewakan...huhu

anyways, all d best wif ur praktikal...mst best!! practicum time was an eye-opener to me during my time huhu

Anonymous said...

haha. the same calculator i use, but the only thing i 'doddled' on it was just the word, 'EMY's'. hahaha.. i wish it looks funkier like yours.

waz said...

heheh kalkulator tu sgt comell tu yg pilih tu.. :> oh, boleh aja, ur wish can b granted in 2 ways, ko bagi aku belikan ko kalkulator baru n biar ak yg conteng; hihi atau ko boleh conteng sendiri dgn macam2 corak pelik..mst outcome dia besh jugak emy :D :D

Blood Seeker said...

Dulu aku conteng atas calc guna liquid paper pasal dia warna hitam =P

gambar orang, logo LP (linkin Park) dan nama band. also, yg paling best gamba tengkorak dan "SPM 10A1" wuhuuuuuuuuuuu

member aku tulis "ADD MATH SUCKS"

waz said...

heheh ironic kan add math sucks atas calc..hihihi calc masa skolah mmg hitam kan, aku suka p toreh...hahaha

sedihnya semua calc tu suda hilang.. ;(