Sunday, January 16, 2011

ninety six: udy's zoo

oohhhh after a long 2 weeks...these are minimomos commissioned by Enchek Udy..I am sooo happy how it turned out...i hope Enchek Udy will be happy too.. He ordered 12 minimomos and he let me decide everything except the names..he gave me a list of name of his dear friends n i randomly choose a name for each minimomo.

All of these are 100% hand-made including the eyes that I made using air-dry clay and each little parts are glued AND sewn; thus made it so time-consuming but it taught me to be more patient..most importantly; PUAS HATI!!...:>

commission Q masih pjg :|


MJ Fauzi said...

woww waz!! Im positively sure these lovelies will make people's day lovely!
They're made within weeks.. too cool <3
Proud of you.. :]

waz said...

heheheh thank u mJ!! i hope they do make people's day :D :D

Blood Seeker said...

wowow......giler banyak dan cun. bertuah la commissioner awak

waz said...

hehehe sy cuma patuh pada arahan n bayaran hihihi