Saturday, June 11, 2011

117: forced to flats

I cant wear high heels anymore. my feet hurts (even) after a few minutes (only!) standing in the kitchen, beside the window, even in the shower---basically everywhere. let alone in classes.

hurm. no, its not because of that.

anyway. here's a flat i purchased a few days ago. and only this morning that i realized; one of my colleagues at school has similar shoes. and i decided to put some adjustment.

this is the original flats (vincci ja; apa2 la)
i thought to have it this way at first
but mr husband said it's too big [and therefore: weird]
so i tried this; only this time i didnt asked mr husband anymore and

went with it anyway~

not wanting to give up totally on the first try, i changed it into a handphone strap/thingy/whatever..(not)perfect for my new red-coloured phone *that i used to take these photos; which explains the blurriness*
mr husband came home and saw the newly 'adjusted' shoes and said "eh! cantik! serious cakap"
hehehe best la ada team mate/room mate/house mate.

ps: sara, i promise you, 30% lagi akan siap lukisan itu :|


azreenChan said...


Tetiba I want a team/room/house mate juga!

waz said...

y thank u, kind lady hihi

ha! cepat2 join in the club! ke soon dah ni? heheheh

b a m b a m ' s said...

im love felt craft too!!hehehe..

waz said...

heheh cik bambam macam da dua kali cakap cam tu :>

MyBotanG said...

love your pimped shoes...

There was a time when I could run and kejar bas mini in heels and baju kebaya.. aaawwwwww!!!

*now nak kejar beskal pun semput.. apetah lagi kalau pakai heels or baju kebaya.. opocot jatuh cam cempedak.. hhmmmppphhhh!!!

waz said...

thank u sohana :D

heheh i guess the older we get, the flatter the shoes are? hehehehe mesti hebat gila scene heels n kebaya tu kan :>

sy jatuh macam nangka! :P satu species la kita ni