Saturday, October 23, 2010

fifty five: the world as we see it

today, I am gonna babble more. and this doodle has nothing to do with what I am gonna say. btw, footsoup sucks; yes? it wasnt intended to be the illustration of a foot-soup, but it just turned out as it is...

I told a friend of mine whom I *sort of unconsciously* convinced into 'art'making, that the more we see each others' artwork, the more our imagination collapse and shrink. Don't get me wrong,viewing awesome artists' works are very important to feed our art-addiction and give us inspiration and motivation. but what can really give us the ultimate inspiration?

the experience of the real world. the search into ourselves to express our feelings n experience out. the real world as we see it--and not from other people's canvases.

that way we wouldn't have to struggle to be different. because we are just ourselves. telling our stories.

I am a self-taught 'art' maker. I didn't go to art-school. I have limited resources and limited sifu(s)+idols+knowledge+even the money to buy art supplies and stuffs..

but that's not the worse part of my 'art-making' history...the worst part is that i use all that as an excuse for my late start--2007.

enough for realization. now what?
just make more 'art'.hopefully I'll go somewhere with it. Even if I don't, heck; I'm just gonna continue making it.


Azah Skaliskala said...

I always remind myself everytime I want create some doodles, it must related with myself.. Then our doodles will be unique, never need to be different becoz ourselves is already unique..

waz said...

true true :)

its like writing songs n lyrics for ourselves. yey