Monday, October 11, 2010

Forty nine: forty-none

I bought a tote bag from a *hippie (no offense; its a compliment) pakcik with a small kedai somewhere at times square (i dont really remember) last year; and i asked, all of these (totes) are hand made kan, pakcik? *with that really cool song played on his radio* he replied: they're heart-made..(meaning he made 'em himself with his heart@passion yg tinggi; if you havent figure it out... :| yea)

i was thinking of selling sets of heart-made bookmarks myself.

random drawings on one side *like the one on top, or any drawing/doodle/blabla you'd like;
fave quotes/do'a/prayers or anything on the other side.

sets like half a dozen or a dozen or howmany u would prefer. would you buy it? tell me, honestly.

this time; HONESTLY. would you?


fana hashim said...

honestly I will
but I won't be your loyal customer to buy anything you produce.heheh

waz said...

buying anything tht i produce isnt being a loyal customer la fana..thats being a fanatic.too much. :|

fafa said...

ohh, wazerr.teruskan berkarya.

waz said...

heheh baekkk kak faa :)

Faisal said...

Can u make them with a customized quotes or wishes? If yes, I'd love to buy a bunch of them for my students... It seems like I wanna buy a lot of stuffs from you. But dont worry, m not a fanatic, just a real fan of ur works.

btw, i m in no rush, no deadlines, so u can work in ur own time.

waz said...

Ofcourse i could!! :) if you have any quotes/wishes that you particular want; just email me the details of your request ok :) :)
you just made my day :D hehehe