Thursday, October 14, 2010

fifty one: crazy rabbit

i wonder what really makes us happy. is it true that our happiness only depends on ourselves? is it true that if we really want to be happy; then we'll be happy?

i used to believe that once. once in millions of moments in my lifetime. once.


crazy rabbit by ~sitiwaznahnaan on deviantART

anywayyyyy i love this doodle that i made copies for it and changed the hues and flipped some of them and then gathered all of them to form this new deviation..i seldom love my own artwek..this is one of em. :)

though things are a bit gloomy these days, i still love the wind that brought the heavy rain. no matter how scary, how nasty, how huge the rain-pours that it brought with it, i'd still love the wind that brought the heavy rain.

coz the same wind will clear the sky away for sun-shiny days and also bring the cute white clouds to shade the hotness a bit :)

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