Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forty seven: I cant sleep last night

I was in bed early last night. Since I started working (as a teacher) I loveeee going to bed early. Dulu, masa uni days; I thought sleeping was a waste of time. SO much for youth spirit.

so. yeah. i was in bed early; trying hard to focus n drown myself in boredom so i could sleep...but i just.couldnt.sleep.

while i was drowning myself with boredom, i was self-criticizing. i thought about how i can only drew a couple of things in just a few couple of ways. like CAT. i can only draw it --like that. just like that.

n all the other self-criticizing things rushes into my head and i just have to let it out somewhere; and i had the vision.

i got up, get my sketch book n start to draw nastily with my pencil. finished with it and got back to bed. but then, i feel like a makeover. so i got up again, start to re-draw it with my pens. until midnight and i finished the green stuffs this morning after laundry.

so best...after all that crying; its good to have a way to release it.



fafa said...

it's cool anyway, wazerr. kakfa sukeeee karya anda! hehe.

waz said...

trima kasihhh kak faaa heheh :D :D :D eh, long time no talk2 hehehehe