Thursday, May 12, 2011

107: ancient envelope 1

i found a handful of 'ancient' envelopes when we moved in to the 'new' house more than a month ago. im thrilled. my hubby puzzled. "why so happy with old envelopes?" i just smiled.

i reckon it's the 90s envis. not that old. but im happy nonetheless.

currently on some small projects.

apa yg penting????

say it out loud now, people!!
apa yang penting???



azreenChan said...

"Come Slowly" ?
That's doesn't sound right.

waz said...

hahah azreen kuning laaa :">

actually come to think abt it, hahah it doesnt--does it? ni dari lagu radiohead ni...n i was thinking ngam jugak sbb snail-mail come to us slowly kan..
but then u pointed it out hhahahah

Sicher said...

I didn't care but now I see, that there's a way out....

Faaein Talip Roy said...

hehehe.. dah macam wonderpets la plak..

apa yang penting?? kerjasama.. hehehe..

waz said...

eh..alaa..pi mana suma komen? cettt blogger

azreenChan said...

Blogger dengki pegi censored what I wrote :p

waz said...

hahah dengki la blogger~ baru nak sambung double-meaning ari tu huhu