Monday, June 28, 2010

thirty five: when the song "saat yang ku idamkan" is on repeat

that song has been in my head since a few days ago..ngeh~It got stuck in my head once a few years back, but I lost it but then, now, it came back...

I'd be lying if i say that I have nothing in my mind. But this song has nothing to do with all of my thoughts...I simply love the way the song goes...I mean, I'm no pro in Music, but I think the note-progression is simply 'syiokk'..

I seldom LOVE malay songs but this one hits me.(jgn bunuh aku, aku bukan traitor,ini cuma soal preference saja) ..there was that other song that I like..emmm what's the title..manik kayangan kaa apa...aku pun lupa,..

and to be honest, the doodle was done during meeting... :( cant help it..