Tuesday, November 30, 2010

seventy: desperation on papers

you know there are times when you have so many ideas & so many 'important' things to say that you are desperate to put 'em on paper? So, even when you're standing & have only papers as big as half of your palm; so desperate that that would just do?


this last part there, you know ppl used to say that teachers are like candles who burn themselves to light others' path? then suddenly ppl change their minds and say teachers nowadays dont do that anymore; supposedly this is a good thing 'cause ppl wana point out that teachers r very clever nowadays n even cleverer than teachers before.

but to me, its a shame that we arent candles anymore. i am ashamed of myself for not being able to be a candle that burn herself for the sake of the students. Because, if i could, i'd be one but still be fabulous in it...och, well, i think i just have to challenge myself to it! yeay i will work myself towards that challenge!!

sixty nine: 2011 (part 2)

here's the other 6 months for next year's monthly planner.

somebody just made me back to listening NIN songs...it's suppose to mean good thing but, yeah...it's actually not...hurmmm


update: re-upload aug-sept-oct-nov

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sixty eight: 2011 (part 1)

I know it's not much. I've been doing this (monthly planner) for myself every year (since 2003) except for 2010. (I don't know why). So this year, the difference is, I wish to share it with other people...

so, if you wana, just print them for yourself. As long as you comment on this post to tell me; and you'll not make any money out of it yourself (not that I think it'd sell anywhere anyhow) the second part will be uploaded next time around.

Friday, November 26, 2010

sixty seven: i wish i'll do more watercolors n b better at it

these are some of my old watercolors.

i wish i have the urge to do more watercolors. n improve in it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

sixty six: invigilating sugarplums and imaginations part two

yeah. here's the rest of the ugleyhh doodle i did while invigilating on the third day

Since I was in high-school, even though I was one of the trouble makers back then, I still believed that EVERYONE needs rules. we can't live rule-less.

That's why I hate this attitude--when, you know, you say "I DONT GIVE A F**K ABOUT ANYTHING" or "Imma DO ANYTHING I WANT" or "HEY THIS IS MMMYYYY LIFE, Imma DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH IT"...come on...grow up...

really..? you think being too-free is awesome? really?...

being fun is okay. just dont be annoying.

Here's a fun-fact. Do you know that boredom is actually caused by your own inability to entertain yourself?

oh, you do know that already? So..why are you--still---OK

SO just stop being bored and do something awesome.

*instead, goes online on facebook and put up a status saying: I'm bored..* ohh maiii....

I cant explain this.

People keep on asking mr. Mousy Mousy?
"why soo seriousss mr. Mousy Mousy?"
...He wasnt. He wasnt 'so serious'..he was just being him...and that's wrong becausee.....? everyone else is awesome except him because he's 'so serious'???

and so he did the wiggly dance. just to conform.

sixty five: invigilating sugarplums and imaginations

It's not holiday for me. SPM. invigilating.
Boredom will be my best-friend until this 20th of December. Yeay. And back-pain also. so this third day I sneak in a pen and an A4 paper folded 3 times and draw this.

It's true. I do. I am starting to hate doodling. Not the drawing part of doodling. But the part where it's aimless. It's just I can't be drawing while standing. I can only doodle.

QUICK! Finish it up!! Before your hand realize how pointless this doodle is!!

Nah. This is just too random that I didnt really think before I doodle. I disagree!

SPM stands for SugarPluM yeaaaa....guys and cats. so what. what's cuter with guys who love cats? nothing.

*past-self whispers*

yea yea..that was years ago. whatever.

Okayh. Maybe I'll continue this later. in the next post

Monday, November 22, 2010


anyone can draw. believe me in this. It's like "Anyone can Play Guitar"

People are getting more and more creative.Imaginations getting bigger; borderless..or maybe it's just redundancy; or Improvement of each other's ideas; or maybe copying the copier; or reproduction of the imitators' works; or whatever. but it's a fact: "anyone can draw". maybe not everyone, but anyone. u see the difference?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sixty three: i love u

this is inspired by my niece. she'd say the three words like this:
" aiilapppmmmiuuuu"...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sixty two: ilham, datanglah

Try Liz Prince or Alex Noriega or poyo

These people just boost up my comic[er]-wannabe-power. Then I realized, all my life, I had only drawn three comic-strips. two of which I started to dislike (due to the sadness it will remind me of) they are connected to my past love life. argh. but anyways, I'm thankful that 'they' happened--'coz without 'them', I wouldnt dare to attempt making comic strips.

here's the first one
and here's the second one [klik]

and some others here

and here's the result of the vibe from Liz's cartoons

I wish I will draw more comic in the near future.

...oh darn,,, I hope I can manage my time more efficiently... :|

Saturday, November 6, 2010

sixty one: leaving the teaching profession

This scene has been bothering me since the day I watched it..guess which episode?
I know HIMYM is getting boring; but I still love 'em. Because it gets/helps me thinking...pondering...and yet it's not disturbing..*'coz lots of thought-provoking movies/tvshows are depressing; though I don't know many*

but anyhowww....I know lots people think that teaching is a very noble and all..but sometimes...just sometimes (okay, maybe lotsa times) I wonder how'd it be like to do things that I always wanted ..

but scrap that.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sixty: art trade with azreenchan

I started out the drawing with the intentions of making it simple; so I would take lesser time to complete it. -was bummed out with too much work (my core-business: teaching; so I shouldnt be complaining about it but alas)..

so when I finished the pencil (drawing of azreen's face) I put on the pen and was just carried away with it.

negative drawings tire me, but it's addictive. full view of drawing here

so I hope you like it azreen. will post it as soon as I can. :)

fifty nine: money spent on cameras

original artwork here

photography is one of the most expensive hobby I know. But once a hobby; it can be made into a career. or a profession.

A photographer spent really a fortune to start; and to improve and progress he'd need more money. And as far as I know, a photographer also spends *sometimes* too long to wait for one perfect shot.

but for passion; everything is worth it.

thinking of putting this on shirt for a friend. maybe.