Saturday, June 9, 2012

156: card and class

aaarghh i hate that i cant manage my time properly that i cant draw much. but here's a simple card i made to put on my table at school to remind myself of my family, my husband and my little one :)

i would love to do more of these cards in the best saja :)

and i think decorating my class is somewhat art, so this is what we came up so far...i'll put up more later (selagi mampu dari segi duit hahah) I forgot to take a picture of the front part of the class...there are some drawings inspired by "kucing the cat" by Fadli hamdan...hheheh i hope he doesnt mind :)

i think the purpose of doing all this is to help my students feel that class is somewhere comfortable and beautiful n fun..n i hope i can teach them to appreciate tidiness and be responsible to take care of the class cehhh hehehe


keeps on eating away all the leaves of my flowers..terus botak pokok tu. bila tumbuh balik, ada balik caterpillar ni n eat away all the leaves again alaaa sedih....macam sedih nya aku nda dapat ikut mini-reunion  kwn2 SMSLD 99-03...wuuuuwuuu