Tuesday, May 29, 2012

155: the outcome at the back of a phone

Look how THIS turned out? I think, despite the cropped edges, it looked fine :D and maybe, one day, when i have canggih phone, i'll put a self-drawn sticker on its back too

Monday, May 21, 2012

154: for teacher pang

before anything, happy belated mother's day and happy belated teachers day too.

 i've been bz marking exam papers for the past week..but before that, i was completing a commission by a friend. she asked for particular details in the doodle. she even gave me the list of things she wanted to be included in the drawing. sangat bersemangat! love that about her...heeh so all the things that you can see in the drawing is her idea...:D :D

i thought at first that this will make my job easier..but as it turned out, it was tougher. with the small scale n all.. but at last i figured it out n alhamdulillah she liked it (although she would prefer a bit more changes) huhu i learned that i should not take sketches lightly next time..huhu

so here it is...

then she wanted it to be coloured. i was so nervous coz i know i suck in colouring..but heck i give it a try anyway.. and tadaaa

in the mean time, im still trying to push myself to write again in my blog Pointless Pursuit (mmg rasa pointless da puunnn) n there's been a couple of drafts...but huh im old...n i need to read more stuff.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

153: second doodle for encik asrul

ni lagi satu commission untuk encik asrul. dulu dia ada tempah 1 doodle untuk print atas mug..sepanjang melukis tu, rasa macma tak puas hati saja..i tried really hard to try different things to doodle macam lace-patterns..tapi alih2 lace tu ja la yang different...yang lain sama saja...cuma lay out doodle ni berbeza...which turned out a bit serious..urghhh nasib baik encik asrul terima..

 lepas ni, akan buat commission doodle dari rakan guru pulak.. harap2 lepas ni boleh dapat lebih banyak commission doodle lagi :) komik2 n ilustrasi2 dalam conteng2 sketchbook terpaksa tunggu lah huhuhu