Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forty three: tree of regret

Once upon a time, this was the tree of regret.. then it died. But from its remaining, blooms a new tree with more beautiful flowers...

"my simple pen will carve for me simple lines; but it will ultimately ease my not-simple mind. the little things that do you great big favours"

BUT I STILL WISH I AM A better artist..doodler (atleast?) !

forty two: i can be any of these

which one is u, waz? geeezzz perhaps i have a personality disorder?...or maybe pure immaturity.

doodling during the exams a few months ago.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fourty one: sarcastic? nah. we'll find our way.

sometimes, life is just tiring because it is so much fun. too many things to be appreciated that we didnt see a thing or two, then we go berserk.

take it slow, waz.
"pelan2 ba, syg" he said.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Forty: bookmarks as rewards

i made these for my students. i think 5 of them off the first batch are already given to some of my 'good' students. usually the others will question my 'bias'ness as they said it. but i'll said:

"usually, the things that you can get easily; you'll take it for granted...that's why you must work harder..."

i always reflect what i say to my students (okay, maybe most of the time; not always)...sometimes almost simultaneously. so, talking about taking things for granted, i realized what i have been taking for granted all of my life. and that thought just crushes me. i dont wana continue doing it.

if u'll excuse me, i've got a phone call to make.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

thirty nine: woman in scarf

salam n hi, all.

It feels great to be back on. It'll be a challenge to stay high-spirited like this. Dengan ilham yang dikurniakan-Nya, memang bersyukur dapat buat benda-benda yang membuatkan aku merasa 'hidup' kembali. I am totally blessed with everything that I have at the moment, and I will try my best to appreciate all of them.

Mean while; this is something that I draw for my mom since she's the best fan I have...hehehehe it's a drawing inspired by henna stains; I'm totally using it for my wedding one day..heheh
CLICK here to view the rest of the drawing.

Thank YOU God.