Sunday, April 20, 2014

182 la taghdab

Hidup bukan lama. Belajar lah untuk bersyukur, waznah. Marah2 bukan cara mu untuk bersyukur.

Friday, April 4, 2014

181: of marriage and a newborn

Life's been busy. I was busy. Searching for my own soul. 
Plus. We have a new member in our family. My daughter. Born 20th of March 2014. Just two weeks ago and here I am sitting in front of the lappy updating my old stinking blog.

Somehow, I still feel the urge to draw and put it here. No matter how I tell myself that I am too old for this stuff. Having a hobby is ridiculous when you have a steady job and a happy family, no? Of course not. I dont know what made me push myself to think like that.

AND. May I humbly share here my little story. In 2012, just 4 days after my birthday, our son was born. This year, 4 days after our 3rd wedding anniversary, our daughter came along. Before, I managed to draw a doodle for mr Hubby (ntah dia buang mana suda itu lukisan)... I meant to (hopefully) illustrate how much he means to me...

Syg sgt bersyukur Allah temukan jodoh syg sama abg. You are the root of this family; and a strong one at that. You take care of us and go beyond to make sure we are happy and have a comfortable life.You never stop to amaze me with your big heart and your never ending patience. Naik turun hidup sekarang lebih mudah tertampung dengan ada nya abg sebagai tongkat yang mendukung beratnya jiwa syg dan membantu memimpin hati syg yg mencari cahaya. 

May Allah bless our family.