Tuesday, June 28, 2011

120 : the small c

as usual, my comics should be read from top to down, left to right. sorry 'bout that.

aku harap kawan2 aku yg jadi doktor tidak akan jadi macam ini
ada komen lain? mari

ps. this is a test for a series of this called 'the small-alphabets' project

sini ada sedikit kata2 untuk go along with this comic

Saturday, June 25, 2011

120: asrul's comm

done this for a friend's friend. design for a mug; i think. hope it'll turn out okay.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

119: komisyen sara

ni low resolution scanned picture untuk komisyen cik sara. ewan ni bf dia. jujur, aku sangat susah untuk siap kan piece ni. susah nak explain kenapa.

harap dia suka..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

118: cari diri

akan datang: commission2 yang baru siap huahuaaaaaaaaaaaaa
akan datang lain: mula dengan commission menjahit benda beeessaaarrr punya
akan datang lusa: sekolah.

sekolah sekolah sekolah sekolah

cari diri.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

117: forced to flats

I cant wear high heels anymore. my feet hurts (even) after a few minutes (only!) standing in the kitchen, beside the window, even in the shower---basically everywhere. let alone in classes.

hurm. no, its not because of that.

anyway. here's a flat i purchased a few days ago. and only this morning that i realized; one of my colleagues at school has similar shoes. and i decided to put some adjustment.

this is the original flats (vincci ja; apa2 la)
i thought to have it this way at first
but mr husband said it's too big [and therefore: weird]
so i tried this; only this time i didnt asked mr husband anymore and

went with it anyway~

not wanting to give up totally on the first try, i changed it into a handphone strap/thingy/whatever..(not)perfect for my new red-coloured phone *that i used to take these photos; which explains the blurriness*
mr husband came home and saw the newly 'adjusted' shoes and said "eh! cantik! serious cakap"
hehehe best la ada team mate/room mate/house mate.

ps: sara, i promise you, 30% lagi akan siap lukisan itu :|

Friday, June 10, 2011

116: more more

so much for the 'twelve to go'...i only sew another four of the aliens and decided to move on with the other projects and also completing old ones.

for anyone who's interested to buy these fellas, please email me at sitiwaznahnaan@gmail.com. the rest of the unsold aliens will be sold at a local event for special education fund.

edit: ukuran; tinggi 11cm (tidak termasuk reben/tali), lebar 9cm (dari hujung tangan ke tangan)..harga RM7 tidak termasuk penghantaran