Thursday, February 17, 2011

101: tet

wip yang tidak siap2 since january. cover for personal file. "ee buruk perangai kau waz..."

a reminder for myself.

Friday, February 11, 2011

100: second commission by udi

22 pieces of minimomos. ready. yey!! every tag is hand-drawn too :">
so happy with these.
and now i can start with my hantaran :D :D

si katak-katak

si kucing-kucing

si arnab2 dan si beruang2

dari kiri: kumbang, ikan, ikan lumba2, naga/dinosor, rama2

Saturday, February 5, 2011

ninety nine: mengukur baju di badan sendiri

if i had to wait till my next piece, this blog will b full of dust. better i update a bit on some stuffs going on.
for two days now sandakan is completely dry. Been raining for weeks. It's nice to see the morning brought rays of sunlight yesterday morning n this morning.

my felt fabrics; will add more colours and more stocks this week--inside heatwave shoe box. i really like heatwave shoes. i recommend it.

a WIP. currently working on an accidental commission. hehe. 22 pieces of minimomos. Thank you udi. I even sew while on the road to KK last week. Hubby got weird about it; but business still business.

currently most hated phrase. made me cry for almost quarter of a day. it's almost similar to "padan muka kau" or "on your face!!" after some body [sort of] take his/her revenge on you. damn

here's a doodle i made on my palm. lesson learned: doodlers; please never forget your paper--especially when you'll know there's 'waiting' activity involved.

"semenjak mula mengurus hal kahwin2 ni, survey2 di internet, baru sedar betapa beratnya pepatah--ukur baju di badan sendiri"