Friday, October 29, 2010

fifty eight: tribal man

most of this was drawn whilst (really) listening in a few of meetings during these couple of two weeks (no i'm not proud to admit that); but was completed at noon.

doodling tribal man was fun. :) the more I keep on doing these 'art'-making, the more I realize that things aren't so difficult as it seemed at the first glance...awesome artworks are made up of simple lines, curves, geometrical patterns and stuffs...its no rocket science.

It's like mathematics..the more you practice on doing the exercises, the more you see the pattern, hence the easier it gets to solve any equations and problems...

It's like life. the more you go through difficult phases, the more you'll see the pattern--emerging as the solution to your long-time-haunting problems..

The words in this blog seems to get lengthier and lengthier...I'mma close the other supposedly-wordy-blog.. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fifty seven: strange dudes

strange dudes by ~sitiwaznahnaan on deviantART

will try to put this on shirts.


fifty six: sending doodled envelopes

doodle on an envelope by ~sitiwaznahnaan on deviantART

I love invigilating my dear 4SP class. They were so nicely behaved and honest in answering their exams that I had the few minutes to doodle this.

lukis3, berdiri, jalan2, duduk balik, lukis3...repeat. syok.
subjek BM pun. Klu english/maths tadi, nda buleyh la :|

Saturday, October 23, 2010

fifty five: the world as we see it

today, I am gonna babble more. and this doodle has nothing to do with what I am gonna say. btw, footsoup sucks; yes? it wasnt intended to be the illustration of a foot-soup, but it just turned out as it is...

I told a friend of mine whom I *sort of unconsciously* convinced into 'art'making, that the more we see each others' artwork, the more our imagination collapse and shrink. Don't get me wrong,viewing awesome artists' works are very important to feed our art-addiction and give us inspiration and motivation. but what can really give us the ultimate inspiration?

the experience of the real world. the search into ourselves to express our feelings n experience out. the real world as we see it--and not from other people's canvases.

that way we wouldn't have to struggle to be different. because we are just ourselves. telling our stories.

I am a self-taught 'art' maker. I didn't go to art-school. I have limited resources and limited sifu(s)+idols+knowledge+even the money to buy art supplies and stuffs..

but that's not the worse part of my 'art-making' history...the worst part is that i use all that as an excuse for my late start--2007.

enough for realization. now what?
just make more 'art'.hopefully I'll go somewhere with it. Even if I don't, heck; I'm just gonna continue making it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fifty four: marriage scares people.

The thought of marriage scares a lot of people--me too.

but shouldnt stop us from being happy about it.

say, Let's build a home together.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fifty three: doodle thoughts on a balloon

this is for Doodlers anonymous' third showcase. I made it a couple of days ago with my friend. It didn't came out as I wanted in the end, but hey, at least I doodled with all my might.

If you happen to have an account there, please vote for me..And if u just known the site from this, I'd love u to create an account there n be a doodle-addict too; and maybe in the mean time u could vote for me hehehehehehehehehe vote here

I was pretty psyched to join in 'cause it's been awhile since I got into any contests or contribute to any other sites..

/about the doodle on the balloon/
it started out with the girl with the henna-design there and it evolved into that with the same old pattern, the same lines and curves and stuffs...I realized I need 'new' (not-so-new-but-new-to-my-hands ideas is good enough) inspirations, ideas, stuffs....

hopefully. hah.

Friday, October 15, 2010

fifty two: nothing

"I am astonished by drawing. I always think of every drawing as a kind of miraculous occurrence… Curiously people think that the difficulty of drawing is making things look accurate, but accuracy is the least significant part of drawing."--Milton Glaser

Thursday, October 14, 2010

fifty one: crazy rabbit

i wonder what really makes us happy. is it true that our happiness only depends on ourselves? is it true that if we really want to be happy; then we'll be happy?

i used to believe that once. once in millions of moments in my lifetime. once.


crazy rabbit by ~sitiwaznahnaan on deviantART

anywayyyyy i love this doodle that i made copies for it and changed the hues and flipped some of them and then gathered all of them to form this new deviation..i seldom love my own artwek..this is one of em. :)

though things are a bit gloomy these days, i still love the wind that brought the heavy rain. no matter how scary, how nasty, how huge the rain-pours that it brought with it, i'd still love the wind that brought the heavy rain.

coz the same wind will clear the sky away for sun-shiny days and also bring the cute white clouds to shade the hotness a bit :)

fifty : "you skeeeriiee girl"

i dont know why but i think i'm loving this crazy rabbit character. i know most will recognize hints of 'Donnie Darko' in this. i watched the movie a few times a few years ago. n know i feel like watching it a few times more. hah.

but maybe not. too much depressing elements would not be good for me at the moment.

am gona draw more kreessszziee people. *dear God; please grant me a little ilham*

Monday, October 11, 2010

Forty nine: forty-none

I bought a tote bag from a *hippie (no offense; its a compliment) pakcik with a small kedai somewhere at times square (i dont really remember) last year; and i asked, all of these (totes) are hand made kan, pakcik? *with that really cool song played on his radio* he replied: they're heart-made..(meaning he made 'em himself with his heart@passion yg tinggi; if you havent figure it out... :| yea)

i was thinking of selling sets of heart-made bookmarks myself.

random drawings on one side *like the one on top, or any drawing/doodle/blabla you'd like;
fave quotes/do'a/prayers or anything on the other side.

sets like half a dozen or a dozen or howmany u would prefer. would you buy it? tell me, honestly.

this time; HONESTLY. would you?

Forty eight: we need cats in the house

I dont know why but the last two cats we had ran of (if they werent ran off by cars, they ran of to any of our neighbor's 'arms'..sad. are we that bad at taking care of cats? or was it the food? blekh. God knows.

Now mom's looking for a new kitten. But she kept on forgetting to bring box to the market. I wonder if one day we'll have robot cats. hm. on second thoughts; that's just disturbing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forty seven: I cant sleep last night

I was in bed early last night. Since I started working (as a teacher) I loveeee going to bed early. Dulu, masa uni days; I thought sleeping was a waste of time. SO much for youth spirit.

so. yeah. i was in bed early; trying hard to focus n drown myself in boredom so i could sleep...but i just.couldnt.sleep.

while i was drowning myself with boredom, i was self-criticizing. i thought about how i can only drew a couple of things in just a few couple of ways. like CAT. i can only draw it --like that. just like that.

n all the other self-criticizing things rushes into my head and i just have to let it out somewhere; and i had the vision.

i got up, get my sketch book n start to draw nastily with my pencil. finished with it and got back to bed. but then, i feel like a makeover. so i got up again, start to re-draw it with my pens. until midnight and i finished the green stuffs this morning after laundry.

so best...after all that crying; its good to have a way to release it.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Forty six: Andaikata

"andai kata; ..."

there's this song that keeps on popping in my head every morning. Can you guess what song is it? heheh

I can't sleep so I ended up finishing this drawing instead. Degil la, waz. Haihh.
I wish I can finish all the unfinished drawings I had started.

And make it up to the promises I've broken. :(

bigger picture here

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Forty five: messy head

Yesterday I doodled lazily on mom's bed. I was practically lying on bed the whole day. I insist on being sad. Silly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Forty four: mr failure wont leave me alone

A parang-potong-ayam-chop3 fell on my feet, approximately at 340am today. the 'cut' looks ugly now. But I thank God it didnt fell and chop my toes away. to be able to be so clumsy ...-->EPIC FAIL.

then i thot about things that u wished to have for sooo loonggg; when it comes to your face; u go numb. EPIC FAIL second time.

PS> im definitely losing my english. EPIC FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL