Friday, December 10, 2010

eighty two: Mini Momo

handphone dangles RM5 each.

about the size of 5o sen or, 2 to 2.5 inches..

tidak menggunakan benda yg handphone straps slalu pakai tu sebab aku nampak selalu senang nak cabut. ni tali one-piece trus. i dont know what kind of thread it is..tapi its silky..not the ones used for knitting or cross-stitch. x senang mau putus; it's really strong

The backside of these things can be customized upon request. up until 4 characters.. such as I [heart] u...or MIA or DAD or whatever. I did one with my signature behind it. fonts will be limited though coz i sew them all by hand and it's kinda difficult.

and I'll sew more of different 'designs' and different rabbits, and frogs or whatever that comes into mind. as long as it's tiny. if you wana order the same 'designs' as above picture, pun boleh :)

Do u have any comments or kritikan membina? I appreciate every thought/idea/comment

contoh penggunaan:

kalau mau beli/bertanya berkenaan ini, sila email di okeh :D


Blood Seeker said...

Nicely done

BTW ko kena promo this one everywhere

waz said...

hey!! where u been? hehe

ala...aku x pandai nak promo selain thru FB n this blog..huhu ada ideas ka?

Ejat Ahmad said...

wah cool la sis..saya pun tgh training dgn member nak buat stuff mcm nie

ahahah sis promo guna flyers..sangkut2 d kreta org ka

waz said...

hehhehe thank u :) ha, maeh buat menda2 cam ni hehehe ermm flyers? malu n segann whuhuhuhu