Saturday, December 4, 2010

seventy five: high/big ambitions

i'm telling u, this happened in real life.

the first frame was inspired by a form 4 kid, the second and third by a 13 year old. i just mixed 'em up to show a more ridiculous mind set of a child.

and he wasn't kidding to be a robber.


Blood Seeker said...

HAHAHAAHA camtu pon ada, betul. Esp budak2 kelas hujung2

this is a pretty good comic, more plz

waz said...

hehehe mmg budak kelas hujung yg 16 tu kelas ke tiga dari depan. huhu

really u think so? o-man..Tenkiu :D :D

Whakahihi said...

This feels like reading a Jawi comic.

waz said...

what usher? but y?