Sunday, December 26, 2010

ninety three: 1year old blog

pen without pencil; today, i procrastinate by doing this

the problem with improvising is when you have too little idea of what you are doing...I love to draw aimlessly (which is doodling) but I love it too much that I most probably hate it too. (the line which separates love and hate is pretty thin)..I hate it when I think I am not improving; not going anywhere with it. I hate to draw the same stuffs. I hate that my doodles (which I draw aimlessly) dont have a certain formation. I can hate lots of things about it.

But it's weird that those hatred comes from pure love of the activity. I love that I couldn't feel normal/complete without a pen and paper with me.

I love that 3 years ago, I decided I want to do this. And I will one day; know exactly what I am doing with it; and go 'somewhere' with it. And for starters, today this blog is a year old. (might not be much to some, but its somewhat big for, yey wz!)

thank you for being here with me... :> (syok sendiri nihh)


Blood Seeker said...

best ada blog, bleh tunjuk art pada semua org (dan orang lain dapt nikmati). xdelah terperap je dalam almari, kutip habuk haha

anyway, happy 1st anniversary. Reading your old posts at this time would be good to get ideas!

waz said...

eheh tapi letak art dalam blog ni pun, lama2 kutip habuk jugak :(

thank u, thank u, clay :D checking out the old stuffs :)

i'msosupernotcool said...

1 word, awesome.
5 words, i f***ing love your arts!!

waz said...

hehehe thank u :D n thank u for stopping by :D

Azah Skaliskala said...

hehe.. waz, u said u doodle aimless, i see u do aim it. u doodle ur days, what u see, what ur experiences in life. even u said u did doodle aimlessly, u r still awesome! weeewit.. :D

happy anniversary for 1 to your blog...hehe!

waz said...

terima kasih azah...if i aim when drawing (plan) i dont consider it as a doodle, if its a doodle, i wont have anything in mind while drawing..just the purpose of why i am doodling maybe..macam ni, utk bday blog, so yg d plan cuma wordings tu..hehehe

thank u again :D

Azah Skaliskala said...

ur welcome waz :)