Wednesday, December 8, 2010

seventy nine: love-related (AGAIN????)

these were the ones i draw on monday (masa paper 3 chemistry heheh) but didnt get to upload it

bf related bragging sessions r sometimes not suitable (bimbo girl still make [^^,] face)
"our love was lost...but now we founddd it~~ our love was lost, ooouuu oohhh and hope was gonee..." yea sing it!!

I've been meaning to draw the other way around jugak (lelaki hensem, perempuan huduh) tp x sempat, masa dah habis..hehehe

Draw EVERYTHING you possibly can whenever you can. Also, learn anatomy and perspective. Style is not an excuse for shoddy fundamentals, so learn the rules before you break them. Also, the public library is your friend. Check out some books on drawing and never stop studying. Keep in mind that artistic prowess takes YEARS to develop and although talent helps, it is NOTHING without determination, practice, and hard work. Never give up."
- Kevin Bolk, 2010

thank you friend
...n all of the (very few) followers...i stalk...every--n each--one--of--you.....

bwahahaha *evil laf*


Blood Seeker said...

Hahaha, comey je yg last sekali tu. memang lelaki yg low self esteem memang x caya kalau ada awek kata kat dia begitu.

waz said...

heheh iyaa betol~ even perempuan yg low selfesteem mcm ak pun slalu x pcya heheheheh