Wednesday, December 1, 2010

seventy one: what a waste

when i saw empty chairs and tables i cant help being sad...They really don't know what they'll miss by not attending this SugarPluM examinations. so saaadd...

yea. cool ppl go to school to get education and be awesome in life!

pardon me if my drawing can't really portray the importance of education. It is the door to infinite possibilities. Some of my students would say: "ala cikgu, ramai saja yg tidak pigi sekolah tapi jadi kaya raya" and so my reply would be "..." actually...i dont reply them. i just give them a smirk.
coz it's funny that; i've seen a living proof; someone who said those lines exactly; but he didnt become kaya raya?! now how can i make them understand?

"by foot it's a slow climb"
my point exactly. education can help u get a car for the climb to the top.


Blood Seeker said...

hahaha yeah. mula2 x suka exams tapi nanti miss exams pula.

cam tu la bila dah besar

waz said...

exactly kan!